We are modern ophthalmology practice in the city centre of Olomouc. You can book your appointment with an email or in our online reservation system. All basic examinations are fully covered by health insurance.


MUDr. Karla Pazderová, professional eye specialist

MON 8:00—12:00 12:30—14:45

TUE 8:00—12:00 13:00—17:00

WED 8:00—12:00 12:30—14:45

THU 8:00—12:00 12:30—14:00

FRI 8:00—12:00

MUDr. Adam Kopecký, Ph.D., FEBO, professional eye specialist

THU 16:30—20:30



Consultation are possible only as scheduled appointments.


  • Basic and complex ophthalmological examination
  • Ocular examination of the retina
  • Prescription glasses, refractive errors examination
  • Glaucoma screening
  • Measuring intraocular pressure
  • Examination  in artificial mydriasis (dilated pupils examination)
  • Examination for the professional purpose
  • Routine eye follow-ups, including follow-ups for the diabetologist
  • Driving licence examination
  • Examination of the visual field (perimetry)
  • Anterior and posterior segment photography
  • Optical Coherence Topography (OCT)
  • Ophthalmic plastic and reconstruction surgery consultations – MUDr. Kopecký – find out more about the special services



Eye specialist

Experienced certified eye specialist. She started her professional career at eye clinic at University Hospital Olomouc, since 1994 she‘s been focusing on ambulant ophthalmology. She is the holder of lifelong learning diploma. She regularly attends the specialist courses and the educational events.


Eye specialist

He works as an associate professor at the eye clinic at University Hospital Ostrava. His main specialization is oculoplastic surgery, to that he devotes most of his clinical practice. In FN Ostrava he performs the planned and acute oculoplastic and corneal surgery, children’s oculoplastic surgery, he participates on multidisciplinary operations and he is the part of orbital team.

Member of ESOPRS – EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF OPHTHALMIC PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY – he is the first doctor who fully works in the Czech republic and who has become the member of this professional society. He completed fellowships at  the university hospital in Cologne, at the university hospital in Wien and at the university hospital in the Canadian Kingston. Further short-time practical trainings in Germany and Great Britain, regularly attending top educational courses. In the long term he cooperates with the Eye clinic in Cologne, where externally participates on the scientific-research activity. He publishes about oculoplastic surgery in the scientific journalsand he presents on national and international professional congresses.


In his private practice in Olomouc –  Oční praxe MUDr. Jitka Kopecká s. r. o. MUDr. Kopecký offers, apart from general ophthalmology, consultations in the oculoplastic problematics in the full extents (eye-lids, periocular region, aesthetic surgery, tear ducts, orbit), except for the acute states. Aesthetic surgery and reconstruction surgery is performed in a modern operating room in Olomouc, the complicated procedures and child surgeries MUDr. Kopecký performs in FN Ostrava.


  • Aesthetic and reconstruction oculoplastic surgery
  • Diagnostics and treatment of incorrect position of eye-lids, including ptosis, ectropy, entropy, the states after the prior surgeries
  • Tumour lesion of eye-lid, conjunctiva and periocular region consultations
  • Consultation of incorrect position of eye-lids and periocular region as traumatic after-effect
  • Diagnostics and treatment of incorrect position of eye-lids of children, including ptosis (potential surgicak therapy only in University Hospital Ostrava)
  • Tearing and tear ducts problematics of adults and children
  • Counselling for non-acute orbit disease problematics of adults
  • Post-enucleation and post-evisceration management – correction of eye-lids when aesthetic unsuitable prosthesis placing, orbital socket surgery, volume surgery of the orbital socket
  • Malposition and incorrect eye lashes growth (trichiasis, distichiasis)


  • Refractive errors as short-sightedness (myopia), long-sightedness (hyperopia) or astigmatism (correction with cylindrical glasses)
  • Cataract – the lens opacification
  • Glaucoma
  • “AMD” – Age-Related Macular Degeneration)
  • Diabetic retinopathy
  • Malposition of lower eye-lid
  • Malposition of upper eye-lid
  • Ptosis, dermatochalasis
  • Malignant and benign lesion of eye-lid and periocular region
  • Pterygium